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Murad V

Murad V
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Days of Crown Prince

He was born on September 22, 1840. His father is Sultan Abdülmecid and his mother is Şevkiefser Kadınefendi. In the process of his crown prince, he received a good education. Arabic French, piano, and western music lessons were taught. He was proclaimed crown prince by his uncle Sultan Abdülaziz in 1861. He traveled to Egypt in 1863 and to Europe in 1867. He met with such names as Namık Kemal, and Şinasi, one of the Ottoman intellectuals. He discussed with them such issues as democracy, freedom, and parliament. He won the support of this group and the Young Ottomans.

Sultanate Days

On May 10, 1876, the student uprising began. However, it ended two days later. After the rebellion, the Young Ottomans came to rule. On May 29, they took Crown Prince Murad and brought him to Sirkeci Pier. Murad was brought to Beyazit. Here he was proclaimed sultan. His uncle Abdulaziz was dethroned. Namık and the Young Ottomans, who had previously been sent into exile, were recalled. However, the administration passed to Huseyin Avni Pasha. The former sultan Abdulaziz was found dead on June 4. Senior Captain Circassian Hasan, attacked the parliament and killed Huseyin Avni Pasha.

Sultan Murad V, who had psychological disorders, fell ill due to the recent events. He went crazy and threw himself in the pool. That’s why the sultan was locked up in the palace. He committed suicide by breaking some windows in the palace. The doctors examined Murad V. It became clear that he would not recover. The Ottoman assembly held a meeting on August 30, 1876. It was decided to dethrone Murad V. On August 31, 1876, his psychological disorders were put forward and he was dethroned.

After The Reign

The reign period of Sultan Murad V is only 93 days. After his abdication, his treatment was started, but no results were obtained.

Murad V’s relations with the freemasons were strong. In November 1876, two women and two male Masons wanted to kidnap him and declare him sultan. Even though they tried twice, they didn’t succeed. In 1878, Ali Suavi also wanted to kidnap him and declare him sultan. However, Ali Suavi was captured and killed.

Murad V spent the rest of his life under surveillance. He died on August 29, 1904 of diabetes. He joined the Masonic Lodge on 23 October 1872. He is the Ottoman sultan who has stayed on the throne for the least amount of time.

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