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Galata Tower

Galata Tower
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Galata Tower

the Genoese, who founded a colony in Istanbul in the thirteenth century, surrounded their colony with fortifications. They built a high fortress bastion on the north side of the ramparts. This bastion is the first version of the Galata Tower.

This bastion was called Megalos Pyrgas in Greek and Christea Turris in Latin. since the 1350s, the bastion has been turned into a tower. One hundred years later, the Genoese, who still hold the administration of the region, raised the tower even higher.

Ottoman Period

After the capture of Istanbul by the Ottomans, the administration of the tower passed to the Ottomans. Mehmet the Conqueror did not damage the tower, but destroyed the walls of the Genoese. The tower was damaged in the Great Istanbul Earthquake of 1509. However, it was repaired by Turkish architects.

In the sixteenth century, the tower was turned into a dungeon where foreign prisoners worked. During this period, a cone was placed on top of it. After the eighteenth century, the tower was used as a fire watchtower. In the fire of July 27, 1794, the cone burned down, and a pavilion was built in place of the cone. it burned down again in 1831. It was repaired after the fire and has become close to today’s. in 1875, his cone was destroyed in a storm. It became the fire news center of the new fire department, created at the end of the nineteenth century.

It was restored in 1967 during the reign of the Republic of Turkey. It was again restored to its previous form from 1875.

The height of the tower is about 62 meters. Its internal diameter is 9 meters, and the wall thickness is 3.75 meters.

Galata Museum

The museum is open to visitors every day. It opens at 08:30 in the morning. Admission is available until 23 pm. But the ticket office closes at 22 pm. The entrance fee is 130 TL as of May 2022.

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