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About Us

ottomanhistory.net  is a site founded by a group of historians. We aim to introduce the history of Turkey, important people, and places to visit the people who will come to Turkey. On the site, you can find the history of the Republic of Turkey, Ottoman History, Seljuk History, guides to Turkey and Istanbul, and important buildings and places of Istanbul and Turkey. 


Turkey has a very deep cultural and historical past. There are thousands of regions, historical sites and museums in Turkey that should be visited and seen. This allows millions of tourists to come to Turkey annually. Our goal is to prepare a free and accessible guide for tourists coming to Turkey on vacation.

This guide will include many independent articles such as transportation in Istanbul, historical places of Istanbul, History of the Republic of Turkey, Ottoman History, Seljuk History, Anatolian History, museums, summer tourism, libraries, people, mosques, and churches in Istanbul.

All these texts ottomanhistory.net you can access for free via it. However, you can ask for what you want to ask from the contact us page for free.